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Dan Turner  6/9/2020 11:35:27 AM
There will be a meeting of the Philmont participants (adults and scouts) at 7:00pm tonight at the Scout Lodge to discuss possible options for a replacement trip. Please bring water, a camp chair, and wear a mask. The meeting will be on the back porch before the regular scout meeting.
Ben Harveson  6/4/2020 1:18:10 PM
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but please see note below from Philmont Scout Ranch: Dear 2020 Philmont Participants, It is with great disappointment that Philmont Scout Ranch announces the cancellation of all remaining programs for the 2020 summer season. Due to the Governors COVID-19 guidelines, and the State of New Mexico Health Departments restrictions regarding travel, our efforts to secure a portion of the summer season were denied. Mr. Harveson
Dan Turner  5/31/2020 11:34:47 AM
This is another great day for a hike. The Philmont crews will have a brief meeting outside the Scout Lodge at 2pm and head out for a hike. Please be sure to wear your hiking boots and come with a full pack. Practice time is running short as the trek is rapidly approaching. Several adults, however, will not be joining us as they are in their Wilderness First Aid course. Thanks, Mr. Turner
Dan Turner  5/17/2020 11:13:23 AM
Today is a great day to take a hike! Philmont crew practice will happen at 2pm starting from the Harry R. Male Scout Lodge. Come with your packs full and your hiking boots tied. Several adults will be in Wilderness First Aid training but we encourage everyone else to attend. Mr. T
Dan Turner  5/12/2020 12:32:49 AM
For those that were going to do the WFA training with Troop 554, they are still planning on holding that training on May 17, 24, and 31 from 1pm to 6pm. Please confirm with me ASAP. Cost is $45 and textbooks will be dropped off to your home. Remember we need 2+ adults with that training per crew. This is the best price you will find for the course. Thanks, Mr. Turner
Dan Turner  5/10/2020 1:51:31 PM
No Philmont practice hike today...unless your mom wants you out of the house for a while. If she sends you away, put your pack and hiking boots on and clock in 5 or 6 miles. Mr. Turner
Ben Harveson  5/7/2020 10:39:05 PM
Thank you to the 6 individuals that have responded to the survey. All responses have been affirmative so far. It would would be great if the rest of you could complete the survey either tonight or in the morning as I need to compile the results and forward on to Philmont. Thanks, Mr. Harveson
Ben Harveson  5/7/2020 2:39:45 PM
The leadership from Philmont Scout Ranch has asked for our help as they prepare and plan for this summer. Please take 2 minutes to click the link below, read the important information and respond to the two questions. Thank you, Mr. Harveson
Dan Turner  5/3/2020 9:56:23 AM
For those that are able and willing, we will be having a practice hike today for our Philmont crews. We will meet at the Scout Lodge at 2pm. If enough people show up, we will split into our two crews to keep our groups small. We will also be keeping our distance during the hike. If you have a moment, go to and print a participant bib to wear on our hike. As usual, bring your own water, backpack, and wear your hiking boots. I would also request you wear a troop shirt of some kind, or a Scouting shirt suitable to hike in. See you at 2pm! Mr. Turner
Dan Turner  4/15/2020 12:21:41 PM
Philmont has posted an update on the summer treks - - Things are still a GO with a decision point on May 1st. Keep on hiking! Mr. Turner
Dan Turner  4/1/2020 7:38:52 PM
Here is a link to the latest update on the status of Philmont treks this summer.... The net of the message is that Philmont is still a GO at this point. Keep on hiking! Mr. Turner
Dan Turner  3/29/2020 1:43:08 PM
In the spirit of our stay home, stay safe directives, we will not have a practice hike today. I do, however, encourage everyone to hike with their families 2 to 3 times a week. I know several of you have been out because Ive seen you coming by the house or while Im out on my bike. Everyone going should be at 25 pounds in their pack. Another important thing to work on is hills, both up and down. In a pinch, stairs will work also. There are a lot of parking garages around that dont have a lot of cars on them so hike the ramps and hike the stairs on occasion too. Thanks and happy hiking, Mr. Turner
Dan Turner  3/22/2020 11:00:31 AM
Philmont trekkers, today (3/22/20) we will have a practice hike. We will follow the CDC guidelines and keep our social distance, but getting together for a purposeful hike is something many of us need after a long week of rain and staying at home. This is not mandatory, but I would encourage you to attend. If you are sick, have been sick, or have a sick family member at home with you, please skip this hike and get out on your own. We will not have access to the Scout Lodge so bring your own water and take care of business before you arrive. To keep our numbers smaller, we will split into the two crews (depending on the number of people attending today). Please leave your pets at home - they will not be allowed on the hike today or going forward. Wear your hiking boots and backpacks. See you at 2pm. Mr. Turner
Dan Turner  3/13/2020 9:24:01 AM
A Philmont payment is due for those attending. To see your outstanding balance, go to the Troop website ( and click on the MEMBERS link at the top of the page. Once logged in, click on the reports icon, then My Finances. This will show your accounts. To show the rest of your family, click the show family link at the top center of the page. At this point, everyone should be at a balance of $250. If you have a larger balance, please make a payment to bring your amount due to $250. The final payment to bring your balance to zero will be due June 1st. Payments can be made at any meeting or mailed to Mr. Peterson, the troop treasurer. If you have any difficulty accessing your balance or cannot see your family, please let me know. Thanks! Mr. Turner