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Mr. Edmond's Personal Management MB Class Blog
Allen Edmonds  8/29/2017 10:10:07 AM
Troop 17 Scouts, If you are at least 14 years of age and at least a 1st Class Scout and need Eagle required Personal Management Merit Badge, plan on signing up TONIGHT, Tuesday, 29 August. Adam Peglar will make an announcement, and have the sign up sheet and a handout. Our first meeting will be next week at the HMSL beginning at 6:30pm. Please read the handout, and bring " the tools if the trade" listed on the handout. Read through the requirements and the section on time management in the pamphlet. Thats our first topic of discussion on Tuesday, 5 September 6:30pm. If you are close either in age or rank, come to the first meeting so we can visit. However, be proactive and sign up, bring "tools of the trade" and be on time! Questions??? Contact me at 817-805-3248 Thank You, Mr. Edmonds
Allen Edmonds  8/21/2017 10:59:08 AM
Hi Scouts, Are you looking for something to "eclipse" today, Monday 21 August???? Well how about a MB class that will teach you time & money management! If you are at least 14 years old and at least a 1st Class Scout, you should plan on taking Personal Management Merit Badge this Fall. PMMB is offered once a year, so this is YOUR chance! Now, if you are close in age or rank, come to our first meeting. As soon as I have confirmed my September work schedule, Ill put out another blog. Mr. Edmonds 817-805-3248
Allen Edmonds  12/18/2016 9:50:14 AM
PMMB scouts and families, I want to give a brief update on this years course. Weve had 7 classes from September 20 through November 29, all with excellent class participation. Many thanks to Mr. Fisk for giving the lesson on investing and the stock market. Our eighth and final class will be Tuesday, 3 January at 6:30, where we will discuss the last two requirements. During the winter break please use your time management skills to work on ALL the requirements. DO NOT PROCRASTINATE! Remember ALL the answers are in your pamphlet and notes. PARENTS, if you see your son with time on his hands, do all of us a favor and gently YELL (oops, I mean encourage) them to work on this MB. Enjoy your break from school and Ill see you next year. Mr. Edmonds
Allen Edmonds  10/29/2016 10:46:33 AM
PMMB scouts, We will meet Tuesday evening, 1 November at 6:30, and discuss requirements 4 & 7. Please read those portions in the pamphlet so you can participate in an informed & intelligent manner, thank you! Also, by now, all of you should be well on your way to managing your time & money. (your budgets & self discipline reflect this) So, be on time and bring your up to date budget to class. We will try for three classes in November, the 1st, 15th & 29th, so mark your calendars. Questions? Write them down on a twenty dollar bill (keep them short, because there is not much room on a twenty) and mail it to my home address. See you Tuesday, and remember, "you will feel stuck in your debt if you dont budge-it". Mr. E 817-805-3248
Allen Edmonds  10/15/2016 8:35:04 PM
PMMB scouts, We will meet again this coming Tuesday, same time, same place. (hopefully my flight will be on time) Please take some time to read the material on being a smart shopper, and try to work on Requirement #1 with your family. Also, continue to work on your budget and calendar/ to do list. This will be our last meeting in October so try and be there. And, once again I hope to arrive back in FW on time as well. Mr. Edmonds
Dan Turner  10/11/2016 7:03:59 PM
Me. Edmonds just landed and will not be early for the PMMB meeting tonight. He will be by during the meeting to check budgets. Mr. Turner
Allen Edmonds  10/9/2016 9:43:21 PM
PMMB scouts, We will meet this Tuesday, 11 October at 6:30. BRING YOUR BUDGETS. I would like review them so I know you are on the right track. We will talk about Requirement #1, being a smart shopper. This is one of the requirements that is family oriented, so read over the material and talk it over with family members. I should be back in town Tuesday afternoon and look forward to seeing each of you. Be prepared and bring the "tools of the trade". Mr. Edmonds 817-805-3248
Allen Edmonds  9/25/2016 7:50:59 PM
PMMB scouts, We will meet this Tuesday, 27 September at 6:30. We will discuss requirement #2, your 13 week budget. Please read the material prior to class. This years group is small, so its really important to come to class, and to come prepared. Parents, please take a quick look at the pamphlet. Your participation is needed on a couple of the requirements. Also, read over my first handout, it should answer any questions you may have. The pamphlet is an excellent tool, and a great review for family members of all ages. Its been my honor to teach the MB course for over twenty years. As always, I look forward to mentoring your sons and seeing their growth through Personal Management. Yours in Scouting and Service, Mr. Edmonds 817-805-3248
Allen Edmonds  9/12/2016 3:17:12 PM
To scouts who are eligible and interested in PMMB: As a reminder our first class is next week on Tuesday, 20 September at 6:30 pm. We will meet at the HMSL. As I mentioned last week, to prepare for class, get a copy of the pamphlet and be familiar with the requirements. The class will run about 50 minutes. If you cant be there on time or can make it, call me. You should be at least 14 and at least a 1st Class scout to undertake this rigorous Eagle required MB. However, if you are close either in age or rank, join us at our first meeting, and we can decide if the timing is good for you. Thank you, Mr. Edmonds 817-805-3248
Allen Edmonds  9/3/2016 2:41:30 PM
PMMB FALL 2016 Personal Management will be offered to Scouts who are at least 14 years of age and at least 1st Class in rank again this year. Our first class will be at the HMSL at 6:30 pm on 20 September. Prior to our first class, please get a copy of the MB pamphlet and read through the requirements. We will go over them on the 20th. (check out the troops library, there may be pamphlets available). Also, if you are close either in age or rank, come to the first meeting. After discussing the requirements in class, we can decide if the timing of this class is right for you. Mr. Edmonds 817-805-3248
Allen Edmonds  11/30/2015 6:47:30 PM
PMMB Scouts Our next meeting will be Tuesday, 8 December. I hope to have Dr. Mann from TCUs Business School to speak on investing. If his schedule is full, I will visit with you on requirement 10. All of you are on track to earn this MB. Remember the February 14th deadline. Use self discipline to work on your budget on a daily basis. Dont put off working on ALL requirements, or you will find yourself researching and writing an essay on "The Evils of Procrastination"! Mr. Edmonds
Allen Edmonds  11/8/2015 9:11:07 PM
PMMB will meet this Tuesday, 10 November at 6:30. We will discuss requirements 4 & 6. Read through the material and be prepared to express your opinions. Also, please bring a COPY of your budget so I can take it home with me to review. This is our only meeting this month, lets make it a productive one! Thanks, Mr. Edmonds
Allen Edmonds  10/25/2015 4:28:10 PM
PMMB scouts, My work schedule has me out of town on Tuesday, 3 November. Our next and ONLY class for November will be on the 10th. Expect phone calls from me to follow up on your progress. BTW, if you need Enviromental Science MB, Dr. Mandel should begin his course on 3 November. Watch for his announcement. Mr. Edmonds 817-805-3248
Dan Turner  10/18/2015 6:25:47 PM
PMMB will meet Tuesday, 20 October at 6:30. We will discuss requirement #6. You will need to familiarize yourself with knowledge of common stocks, mutual funds, life insurance, CDs, savings accounts and U.S. savings bonds before this meeting. I hope to be on time, however if my flight is delayed and Im running late, you can still get together and discuss the fantasy of having $1,000 and how you would invest or save it. Im most curious of your educated opinions. Mr. Edmonds