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Welcome to the Tracking MB Blog
Dan Turner  12/28/2010 11:05:39 AM
Tracker MB Scouts: as advised, you must bring in your field notebooks and track cast for final check tomorrow during the usual T17 meeting. Well finish the blue cards up then, too. Please total your "points" in advance. Some out-of-town scouts have already turned in their completed materials - THANKS and congratulations. Dr. Marshall
Dan Turner  10/11/2010 11:58:19 AM
Tracker MB Scouts & families: Our event, planned for this coming Saturday 9-October at Fort Worth Nature Center, to learn tracking techniques and search/photograph tracklines & other animal signs appropriate to the MB, has been cancelled since about half of the scouts have conflicts. Too many football games, too little time! Please take time this weekend to review MB requirements and then "get out there" to seek, track, find, photograph, and learn about creatures in your neighborhood. I hope that many of you did just that in Oklahoma last weekend. Keep up your notebooks accordingly. Sunday, November 7 @ "sunrise", at the Eagle Mountain Lake preserve is our next planned event. Please make a note of it. Thanks, Dr. Marshall
Dan Turner  9/27/2010 9:54:04 AM
Tracker MB Scouts & Parents: Welcome to Tracker MB! Earning the badge will draw on many of your current scout skills during extended, quiet time in the outdoors around your neighborhood, on campouts, and in Fort Worth area nature awesome is that?!? Parents are welcome to attend all events, and I will need at least one adult assistant at the two field activites. Please attend a short organizational meeting at the Scout Hut next Tuesday, September 28 just after the troop meeting concludes. Also, mark your schedules now for the following two required field activities, which will begin at dawn and end around noon: Saturday, October 16 (FW Nature Center) Sunday, November 6 (Eagle Mountain Lake Park) You will receive a copy of the merit badge pamphlet at our first meeting, but begin reading the material on-line here: Please gather the following items for each field activity: camera (digital or film) with new batteries, leather work gloves, sharp pocket knife, heavyweight natural-colored (camo is fine but not required) long sleeve shirt and pants (like Dickies), insect repellent, pair of "dispensable" heavyweight boot socks + boot insoles or unlined leather moccasins. A small natural-colored fanny pack would also be useful. I will provide all other necessary materials. See you on Tuesday. Mr. Marshall